Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Signing up a Storm!

Miss Mega (who just turned 2) has been signing up a storm - and signing about storms - every day.  Her toddler energy is amazing!  Every day she adds both new words and new signs.  Her spoken languages (mainly Japanese and English) often leave us wondering what words she is trying to pronounce so we rely heavily on the signs she uses to help us untangle this web.
It is very common for bilingual / multilingual toddlers to mix spoken languages - even in the same sentence.  Mega also mixes ASL signs with her two main spoken languages.  As toddlers grown into preschoolers they will naturally separate and isolate both spoken and signed languages.  This adorable (and sometimes frustrating!) time of mixing languages is super cute so we are trying to catch some of the conversations on video.

A conversation on a rainy morning...

A typical morning conversation...

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