Saturday, August 3, 2013

Signing at the Aquarium 水族館でサインと英語

Earlier this week we had our parent/child field trip to the Tokyo Sea Life Park aquarium. It was a great chance to see various sea creatures up close and learn to say and sign their names! The colorful fish and and nominees also gave us a chance to practice color signs.
Here are some of the things we saw:
We also read this book. この本も読んだ.
In preparing for this field trip I came across some helpful pages and printouts. My kids love the printables on the Sea World page.
準備をしていた間にいろんなページとプリントを見つけた。私の子どもたちはSea World のプリントを気に入れました。
On the field trip page there are links to other resources and books.

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