Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hopkins and More Trains

Have you seen Hopkins?  
He's in a train station in Tokyo, wishing he was at Hawaiians!

Hopkins saw this train as he was changing trains at a busy station.

Do you know the sign for train? Rachel will teach it to you here.

Did you know there are 158 train lines in the greater Tokyo area?
Shinjuku Stn., the busiest station, has about 3.5 million people pass through each day.   Hopkins might be the only frog to pass through Shinjuku as he goes every week on his way to class.
Here is a list of the 50 busiest train stations in the world. About half of them are in the Tokyo area!

Want to learn more?
Transportations signs are covered in Baby Signing Time 2: Here I Go and Signing Time Series 1 Vol. 11: My Neighborhood


Have you seen Hopkins? He's off to see the world! 

Please share the adventures of your Hopkins!

How to participate:
1. Purchase or download your own Hopkins 
2. Take pictures of Hopkins visiting various places and doing different things
3. Post the picture on the Kotoba & Sign FB page and other places online.
4. Be sure to include  Add #SigningTime if there is space!
5. Take a look to see where else Hopkins has visited!

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