Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Signs for Spring

Let's spring into Spring!

As the winter ends we can spend more time outside enjoying the wondrous season of Spring. Children sense the change of season and are curious to know how things grow. The littlest ones want to know the names of all the things they may be noticing for the very first time. 

Signing Time / Two Little Hands has created activity packs to accompany a number of videos and songs. Here are links for Spring!

⭐︎ Baby Signing Time: Strollin’ (Ages 0-3)

⭐︎ Signing Time: Outside (Ages 1+)

⭐︎ TreeSchoolers: Rainy Day (Ages 3+)

⭐︎ TreeSchoolers: Plants & Flowers (Ages 3+)

In addition to the Activity Packs and videos above there are also a number of Two Little Hands Spring craft ideas. Take a look!

Visit the Kotoba & Sign Amazon Store to find spring books and toys to use with these new signs!

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