Tuesday, June 4, 2013

おすすめDVD Move and Groove

☆  Stuck inside because of rainy season? Check out Move and Grove 

Rainy season has started in Japan. This time of year we have many days when we can't go to the park to play and since our houses are small it is difficult to burn off extra energy when playing inside. Signing Time has a DVD that is perfect for the rainy days!
Today I'd like to introduce you to Signing Time Series 2 Move and Grove.
While not planned as an exercise DVD my kids turn it into one by acting out the various actions words/signs that are taught. After dancing around for 25 minutes the kids get tired and they've learned a few things in the process!
Like the other Series 2 DVDs there "breaks" for learning ABCs, numbers etc. included in the show. Each DVD also focuses on learning a song from start to finish with the last part of the show including the song for the episode in its entirety. This gives kids a real feeling of accomplishment when they can learn to sign and dance a full song!
My 5 yr oldies pretty good at following along with the DVD. The 2 yr. old turned to me after a few minutes and said "My exercising!" After which she started her own exercise routine in addition to the song.
We don't really have space for somersaults, which she discovered pretty quickly!

Here is are two previews of Signing Time Series 2 Move and Grove

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