Thursday, June 20, 2013

今週の手話 Sign of the Week

Shhh... I'm going to tell you a parenting secret... し〜っ、母親の秘密を教えてあげたい〜
Bubbles are great!
○ My mom once suggested keeping them in my diaper bag for when we stop at a park or waiting outside with cranky kids. 私のお母さんがママバッグにいつもシャボン玉を入れた方がいいと教えてくれた。なぜかというと、公園に寄ってくるときや赤ちゃんがイライラしてるから外で待つ時にそれを出すと赤ちゃんは喜ぶから。
○○ During rainy season on days we can't play outside we blow bubbles in the bathroom and try to catch them.
○○○ Bubbles are also one of the activities we enjoy on the last day of the Advanced Class when the babies/toddlers graduate from the Baby Signing Time class! アドバンスクラスの最後のレッスン、卒業のお祝いにも使えます。
The sign of the week this week is... 今週の手話は...
You guessed it... BUBBLES シャボン玉!

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