Friday, July 19, 2013

Sign of the Week - The Letter "S" 今週の手話は「s」です。

Sign of the Week - The Letter "S"  今週の手話は「s」です。

The abc signs are for so much more than just fingerspelling names!  Letter hand shapes can often be found in signs. ABCのサインはスペル以外のときに使えます。"s"の手の形は色んなサインにあります。

Ok, so you may be wondering how and when to use the sign for the letter "s"... here are a few ideas!
shoes くつ 靴           silver ぎん 銀          Saturday どようび 土曜日

Books for practicing the sign "s"

Want to learn more?  Here are recommended products:
ABC Signs Flashcards
ABC Signs Board Book

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ABC Signs について
There are many great benefits of using fingerspelling with kids but if they aren't explained parents may not know about them.
- learning to fingerspell is a big step towards being able to read/write English.
- initialised signs (those which use the first letter of the word the sign represents) provide an easy step into phonics.

example - kid doing a matching worksheet where matching the color to the written word - signing the color (which often includes the first letter of the word) can provide key phonetic clues.

- for kids who are a little bit farther along and starting to read fingerselling can be used to help learn/remember new words and learn the spellings of some of the trickier words.  Read - sign - write.

The ABC Song not only teaches the letters in the alphabet but is also provides words that start with the common phonetic sounds of each letter.

When I was teaching English one of the biggest challenges for the kids was making the transition from listening/speaking to reading/writing.  Many English texts assume that kids can read at about 1st grade but they don't go through the phonics and teaching kids how to learn to read.  This is a challenge for native speakers as well.
In the Signing Time series in addition to using some initialised signs and teaching the alphabet, the spelling of the key words always appears on the screen along with the sign.

Signing can help kids to learn sight words faster.

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