Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here I Go! Cars and Trucks and Other Things... 乗り物のサイン

Practicing transportation signs in class    クラスで乗り物のサインの練習
The main transportation signs taught in Baby Signing Time Vol. 2 "Here I Go" are:

Some of the extra signs we cover in class include:
helicopter   police car   firetruck   ambulence    truck    motorcycle

Great Books おすすめの本

Amazon Store: Vehicles 乗り物

Playing with cars, trains, trucks etc. is a great time to practice the color signs!
Color signs are also handy when traveling through Tokyo by train!

Would you like a peek at the "Here I Go" song?  

Baby Signing Time Vol. 2: Here I Go - Preview from Signing Time on Vimeo.

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