Thursday, January 10, 2013

ベビー・サイニングタイムのExtra Signs for Baby Signing Time

In the Japan release of the Baby Signing Time DVD "Eat & Drink" there are some extra signs listed in the included booklet.  One of the great things about using a real sign language instead of made-up signs is that you can turn to a dictionary to find more signs for words you don't already know.  There is no need to make up your own original signs!  Plus, if you made up your own "signs" (gestures) it would be like making up meaningless words since no one else will know the meaning of your "sign"... and you risk making up a sign which is actually an insulting or bad word in sign language.


アメリカ手話 (ASL)  from

Rice: finger spell "r" and move you hand like you are picking up rice from a bowl.

Soup - Soup is in the Signing Time Series 1 Vol. 12 "Time To Eat" DVD
With two fingers as the spoon, scoop up the soup from a bowl.

Tea - The sign I use...
One hand makes a cup shape, the other pretends you are holding a tea bag - move your hands like you are swishing a tea bag in your cup

美味しい (yummy)
Pat your cheek to show how yummy the food is!

move your hands like you are making a ball of rice



紅茶 <-- close to the ASL sign)
I've seen 抹茶 signed (by deaf friends) as lifting a green tea tea cup - the same as on the pamphlet.

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One more link... the Deaf Japan website.  It has some interesting things on it!

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