Friday, January 25, 2013

Hot dogs...

Today my daughter (2.5 years old) and I had another fun signing moment...

We were in the grocery store picking up some things for lunch and she was chatting away about various things she noticed as we walked around.  Half of her chatting is in words I can't understand because of her toddler pronunciation.  If I have a clue as to what she is trying to say I can often guess what she means... but in a grocery store where packages with various designs are at eye level for her and different ones are at eye level for me I quickly loose track of her line of thought.
Today she kept saying "osdfhdsohfsoahf mama" and looking at me expectantly. I asked her "Please sign?" and she signed "hot" "dog".  While this is not a "real" way to sign the food (which is signed like this) she was able to clearly communicate what she was hungry for.
This kind of situation comes up a lot with English words that have more than one meaning.  I think of it like phonetic spelling vs. the regular spelling.  It shows that she has understanding but is not yet proficient in ASL. She is pretty good at getting her point across even though it sometimes takes a bit of creativity!

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