Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Signs イースターのサイン

It is almost Easter! もうすぐイースター!
My kids are busy making pictures, decorating and preparing for egg dying later today. Here are some helpful signs for this special season!

 サイニングタイムから〜 From Signing Time ~ Included signs: Spring, Easter, Bunny, Easter Bunny, Egg 
サイン: はる、イースター、うさぎ、イースターバニー、たまご 

From Signing Savvy ~ 
☆Hallelujah is Hebrew, Alleluia is Greek but they are the same word, just from two different languages. 
Hallelujahはヘブライ語, Alleluiaはギリシャ語、両方は日本語にするとハレルヤになります。 

And, here is an Easter Story video for you to enjoy!  While it isn't a signed story you can still use many of the signs you know to talk about what happens in the story!


There is a longer video here.

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