Monday, April 1, 2013

In the Newspaper 新聞に

Asashi Weekly (A weekly Japanese/English newspaper) this week (March 31st Edition) has a report featuring Hana House - and talking about how signing is not only great for communicating with babies/toddlers but also is a great way to start learning English. Sorry the article is not online but you can pick up the paper at newsstannds in Japan this week! Oh, and the acticle is only in Japanese but the pictures are bilingual ;-)

3月31日号のAsahi Weekly は、「英語学習 NOW and THEN」にハナハウスの高橋裕子先生と江本ハイディ先生も紙面に登場、「0歳からの英語教育 リズムとサインが橋渡し」のインタビューを受けられています。

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