Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bilingual / Multilingual & Signing Links

There are many great articles online but finding them can be a trick!  Here are some favourites. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.

Multilingual Living

Bilingual Monkeys

パトリシア・クール 「赤ちゃんは語学の天才」

Ask an Expert: Will Using Sign Language Confuse my Bilingual Baby? 

プロフェッショナルに聞く!生きる力の育て方!- ハナハウス代表 高橋裕子さん

Benefits of a Bilingual Brain Infographic

Speech Development in Bilingual Children

Advantages of Teaching Baby Sign Language - Infographic

FAQ: Raising Bilingual Children

Emily Howlett: Fact. Signing really does help babies with their language development


Sign language for toddlers boosts development


Signing with older children

Bilingual Children: Why You Really, Really, Really Should Start When They Are Young

From Second Language Learning to Bilingualism in Schools

New Study Shows Brain Benefits Of Bilingualism

Brain gymBilingualism is an advantage with educational and health benefits, says expert

Johnson: Bringing up baby bilingual

Toddler brain scan gives language insight

Baby sign language more popular as parents aim to communicate

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