Friday, October 24, 2014

New Treeschoolers - Happy, Healthy Me

Two Little Hands has released the newest Rachel and the Treeschoolers episode Happy, Healthy Me.

While I do sell these products and use some of these materials in my classes, let me share about Happy, Healthy Me from the standpoint of a mom.

I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old. This series is aimed at preschool - early grade school kids so they are in the target audience. The Treeschoolers series is created in a way that younger and older kids also enjoy the music and information that is covered.  

While this is not an exclusively signing DVD it does include some ASL vocabulary as a learning tool. For baby signers like my kids this is great because it helps them to keep fresh the signs they've used over hte past few years while also building their vocabulary. For kids who are new to signing this is a chance to get started on a 2nd language without rote memorisation and in a fun way.

The topic - Happy, Healthy Me - is a broad one. The DVD touches on key points which are expanded in the Activity Guide. I can see us singing some of these songs to help us remember the lessons we've learned. 
The Scrub song is great for while washing hands. My kids can get so dirty some days and honestly seem not to see the dirt until I point it out. The DVD explains what germs are and why we use soap.  This is something I can tell them 1,000 times but it seems more likely to stick when coming from a different source - like a cartoon doctor.
Another challenge is getting the kids to "eat a rainbow".  While my 4 year old understands that idea, my 7 year old has an interest in how each specific food in the rainbow helps his body.  I now have another resource to help him understand!
With the kids growing and wanting to be more independent they often try to push the boundaries of safety. I can see pieces of The Safety Song being sung while they play as a way to remind each other of what they should be doing!

These are just 3 of the topics included in the DVD. After you've watched it with your kids leave a comment and let us know what parts are helpful for your family!


The structure of Treeschoolers lends itself well to homeschooling, after schooling, use in a daycare or school. The accompanying guide has over 60 pages of activities and information you can use to expand on the DVD.  It includes 5 Activity Sets, printable flashcards and the lyrics for the songs. 

If you are in an area where English is a minority language, like us, it can be tempting to use any materials you can find just because they are in English. Many are sadly lacking in educational value. Treeschoolers is packed full of "the good stuff" so you can make the most of what little time you may have for learning in English. 

Treeschoolers is also great for families who limit screen time. An amazing amount of useful information is packed into a time slot that other shows would use to convey just 3 points. The easy access to the music and Activity Guide means that you don't have to keep watching the video many times to learn the material.  The songs inspire kids to get up and dance so we have a playlist on the iPod for that purpose!

Inspired? Curious?

Download Happy, Healthy Me today!

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