Monday, July 24, 2017

Starting Point - Signing With Infants and Toddlers

So, you've heard about the benefits of signing.
Perhaps you've read the FAQ?
It all sounds great but how do you start?

The most basic point for signing with children, or anyone for that matter, is "when you say the word, sign it".

When you say the word, sign it!

What does this look like?
When you have learned a sign for a word you constant using it right away. Use the signs "eat" "more" "milk" and "done" each time you say them at meal time.
In between meals you use the same signs when the words appear in books, are sung in a song or when they come up while playing. Using the sign repeatedly, in various situations, will help the child to connect the meaning between the word, sign and related object/action.

In bilingual/multilingual families use the same set of signs in conjunction with the matching words across all languages. For example, sign "apple" when saying "apple", "りんご" and "Apfel". The sign will act as a bridge between the spoken languages to help makes connections between meanings quicker. They also can help you to understand what the child is trying to stay in a language you are not familiar with.

Want to start today?
The easiest way to start for me was by finding a great series of videos that teaches the signs in a fun and easy to remember way. Even better? It is a kid friendly video with helpful songs so you can use the music throughout the day to help you remember to sign.
Would you like to take a look?

Access the Baby Signing Time and Signing Time right away with the Kotoba & Sign Digital Player  
Use the code: sign99 to get a 1 month subscription for $0.99. It is a great way to see what is available before purchasing! 
Traveling? After setting up an account use the Signing Time TV app to watch on your mobile device.

The videos cover a wide variety or topics. If you are new to signing I recommendd starting with the Pink Baby Signing Time materials. It covers the very basics like "eat", "more", family and pets.

Still have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.
Happy Signing!

Friday, July 14, 2017

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