Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 Two Little Hands Sale

It is that time of year! Time to shop the great holiday sales. Why not start with the one over at Two Little Hands? Click on the picture to go to the sale page! Holiday Sales at Signing Time - Save up to 40%!
Pre-Turkey Tuesday is 11/26/2013 in the US, from the evening of the 26th ~ morning of the 27th in Japan.
Black Friday Weekend runs from 11/29~12/1in the US.
Cyber Monday is 12/2/13 US time, from the evening of the 2nd ~ morning of the 3rd in Japan.

* International shipping is not free so the best deal it you live outside Japan is Pre-Turkey Tuesday!

Need some suggestions?

Baby Signing Time is a great gift to give at a Baby Shower, to new parents or even for Baby's First birthday or Christmas.

Potty Time is like a continuation of the Baby Signing Time series so it is popular with infants/toddlers but the topics - about growing and the body - also speak to the preschool crowd.

Signing Time is loved by toddlers up through early elementary kids. Signing Time 2 Vol. 4: My Favorite Season includes holiday signs. Move and Groove is great to keep on hand for snow days when the kids are stuck inside but need to burn off some energy!

Anyone love books? The board books are some of our favorites!

The new line - Rachel and the Treeschoolers - inspires curiosity in preschoolers/kindergartners. The first 3 episodes are ready to go. Be the first to share them with the curious child in your life!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Thanksgiving is coming next week. Do you have your turkey ready?

Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving related books: Little Lessons Thanksgiving Books

And Thanksgiving signs:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sign of the Week - Grass 今週の手話は「grass」です。

This week the Sign of the Week from Signing Time is "grass"! 今週の手話は「grass」です。

 Children of all ages are interested in understanding the world around them so having signs such as "wind" "sun" and "grass" can help them to tell you what they are seeing and thinking about!

 Here are some videos from Two Little Hands where you can learn other signs to go with "grass":
Baby Signing Time Vol. 3 A New Day 
Series 2 Vol. 5 Going Outside 

Books for practicing the sign for "wind":
What Do You See Outside? (Baby Signing Time!) By Emilie De Azevedo Brown
Going Out from Child's Play

Take a walk, practice signing what you see.
Here are some of the things we found on a Outside Signs walk in a recent BST class.