Friday, April 19, 2019

春2019 竹ノ塚でのクラス

As you might have noticed on the Kotoba & Sign Homepage and Facebook page, we're trying something new this semester in Tokenotsuka.

In an effort to better serve you, the students, I have made some adjustments to the schedule so that those who are returning to work or have older kids in yochien, etc. can continue attending classes as their schedule allows.

Here is the new plan.

On April 24th at 11:10~, we will have the first lesson of the Baby Signing Time Red Class. This is also a taiken lesson so it is a good time to invite friends who wish to learn more about signing.

The 10:00 time slot will be alternating between the Beyond Class and Montessori Seminars.

once-off lessons so it is ok if you come to just one or to all of them. The fee is 1,500 yen per class. I ask that you would let me know in advance (by the night before) if you are planning to attend so I have time to print out the handouts.

I hope this new style will make it easier for more families to continue to receive signing support. I’m also excited to share about ways to use Montessori ideas at home to make life with baby/toddler a little easier.

Please let me know if you have any questions.