Friday, December 1, 2017

Zoo Trip

 We recently had a class field trip to the Ueno Zoo.
Over 20 families enjoyed a day of signing and English.
We also learned a lot about the animals!

Some of them were sleeping, some were awake.
Some were even eating their veggies!

While the day was a bit gloomy and we had some rain,
we also had a lot of fun!
Here are some of the animals we enjoyed meeting:
polar bear

Children of any age, even babies, can benefit from a trip to the zoo. Seeing and experiencing an animal in person is vastly different from seeing one on TV or in a book.  It is nearly a magical experience!
While at the zoo talk about what you see.  Provide names/words not only for the animals but for the places they live and the things they eat.  Talk about what the animals are doing and why they might be doing it.  There are few multisensory interactive activities as interesting to a child as a zoo trip!
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