Monday, October 5, 2015

Expanding on Pets I Love

Expanding on the song Pets I Love

~ Baby Signing Time Vol. 1 It's Baby Signing Time ~

Words featured in this song: 

cat, dog, horse, frog, bird, fish
Look these up in the Signing Time Dictionary online or Signing Savvy

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With so many great songs that cover coming food signs it is common food signs it is not unusual to get questions about flavor signs.

First up, here is where you can find the food signs:

Baby Signing Time Series:
 Time to Eat! E-book
 Time to Eat Video is first on the BST 1 DVD
That Tastes Good! Video is on BST 4 DVD

Check out the Kotoba and Sign store for books and things to keep the learning going!

Signing Time Series:
Silly Pizza Song - Everyday Signs Video Series 1 Vol. 3
5 A Day - My Favorite Things Video Series 1 Vol. 6
 My Favorite Things e-book
Silly Pizza Song II - Time To Eat Video Series 1 Vol. 12

Treeschoolers Series:
6: Happy, Healthy Me Video
6: Happy, Healthy Me Activity Guide

Now, on to the signs for various flavors!

flavor       sweet       salty      bitter      

Deaf Japan put together this wonderful video of ASL (American Sign Language) and JSL (Japanese Sign Language) cooking and flavor signs!