Monday, February 25, 2013

Silly Pizza Song(s)

Learning Favorite Foods - Silly Pizza Songs

What better way to learn a lot of food signs at one time than with a fun song.  Ok, make that 2 fun songs and you learn twice the signs!

Did you know there are actually 2 Silly Pizza Songs in Signing Time videos?  The first one is in Signing Time Series 1 DVD 3 Everyday Signs and the 2nd is in Series 1 DVD 12 Time To Eat.  Last year at playgroup we had a lot of fun learning both songs and trying to sing and sign along!

If you want to know even more food signs take a look at an ASL online dictionary such asthe Kotoba & Sign ST DictionarySigning Savvy or ask your teacher at the next Baby Signing Time Class
At home we use the Signing Time Board Books and book Meal Time by Anthony Lewis from the Sign About series which includes some additional food and meal time signs.


サイニングタイムDVDの中に、二つの「おかしなピザSilly Pizza Song」の歌が入っているのをご存知ですか?一つ目は、サイニングタイムシリーズ1、DVD3の『レイチェル・ママのサイニングタイム! まいにちのことば』の中にあります。二つ目は、シリーズ1 、DVD 12 "Time To Eat"(日本版は今年リリース予定です)の中にあります。 昨年、『サインで遊ぼう』のプレイグループのときには、両方の歌を楽しく学んで、みんなで一緒にサインしながら歌いました!

もし、もっと食べ物のサインを知りたいと思ったら、「言葉&サイン」のサイニングタイム辞書Signing Savvy のような、ASLのオンライン辞書を見ることもできますし、あるいは、ベビー・サイニングタイムのクラスでぜひあなたの先生に聞いてみてください!
わが家では、サイニングタイムのボードブックや、「食事の時間(Meal Time)」という本(食べ物や食事の時間に関するサインを収めているSign Aboutシリーズ、Anthony Lewis著)を使っています。

レイチェルとホプキンスそれにスペシャルゲストが、「おかしなピザSilly Pizza」の歌をサインしながら歌っているライヴビデオ
もし今すぐに「おかしなピザSilly Pizza」が収められているDVDを見てみたいという方は、サイニングタイム・オンデマンド・デジタルプレーヤーをとおしてそれらを購入することもできます.

Here is a clip of Rachel, Hopkins and a special guest singing and signing the Silly Pizza Song live!

If you want to watch the DVDs with the Silly Pizza songs right away you can purchase them through the Signing Time On Demand Digital Player.

Signing with "Friends"

Children love their special friends... 
Sometimes my daughter brings her dog to class to be her "baby" while I teach the other babies.  He she is teaching him about opposites as I prepared for class last week.

This kind of role playing is important for children.  It is practicing social skills, showing a mastery of the signs/vocabulary (students becomes the teacher) and is fun for them!
An interesting thing to note is that when her dog "signs" he uses his ears to make the signs, not his paws...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kotoba & Sign Store

Would you like to take a look at my new "experiment"?
I'm putting together an Affiliate store as a way to share resources with all of you!  There are so many great books, CDs, DVDs and learing materials out there so this page is being created as a one-stop shop for things we enjoy using.

Please hop over and take a look.  Once I get it all set up I may have to plan some sort of grand opening?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Signs バレンタインのサイン

今週14日はバレンタインデーです。バレンタインの日は大事な人に「愛してるよ!」を伝えるの日です。日本では女性が男性にチョコことが多いと思います。アメリカ、ヨーロッパなどにはちょっとちがうやり方でお祝いしています。たといば、旦那さんは奥さんにお花を送ります。子どもたちは先生、おじいちゃん、おばあちゃん、友だちにカードをあげます。St. Valentineの日からある教会にも特別の礼拝あります。
やり方はいろいろけど、基本のところはいっしょ〜 バランタインの日は愛を伝えるの日。

The 14th this week is Valentine's Day. Valentina's Day is a Day to tell people that you love them. In Japan it is common for girls/women to give chocolate to boys/men.  In the US, Europe and other places the day is also celebrated in other ways. Husbands may send flowers to their wives. Kids may give cards to their teachers, grandparents and friends. Some churches will have a special service to remember St. Valentine.
There are many ways that the day is celebrated but they all share the same basic idea ~ to let people know that they are loved.

Here are some Valentine ASL links...

Paul McCartney's "My Valentine" signed by Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman

Signing Time Valentine's Signs サイニングタイムのバレンタインサイン

Signing Time printable Valentine's Cards サイニングタイムのバレンタインカード

Hopkins Cards ホップキンズカード

Valentine's Handy Crafts 手のテーマでバレンタイン工作
2009 I Love You
2010 Love Bug
2011 ILY