Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Signs & Things 誕生日のサインなど

Birthday Signs ベビー・サイン・ランゲージでお誕生日のサイン(ASL)
Happy Birthday お誕生日おめでとう!
party パーティ balloon ふせん
eat 食べる cake ケーキ ice cream アイスクリーム candle キャンドル
play 遊ぶ game ゲーム present プレセント thank you ありがとう!

Birthday Books for Kids 誕生日の英語絵本
Our 3 Favorite おすすめ
Videos ハッピーバースデー歌のビデオ
There are a variety of videos on YouTube which feature people singing and signing "Happy Birthday" in ASL. Check some of these out!
Daniel Greene Classic song with signed variations

Party Ideas
How to make a piñata
Breaking a piñata

Pass the Parcel

Signing Time Birthday Party Ideas - Please contact me if you'd like some more ideas or would like help with the party!
Party Supplies in Tokyo


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here I Go! Cars and Trucks and Other Things... 乗り物のサイン

Practicing transportation signs in class    クラスで乗り物のサインの練習
The main transportation signs taught in Baby Signing Time Vol. 2 "Here I Go" are:

Some of the extra signs we cover in class include:
helicopter   police car   firetruck   ambulence    truck    motorcycle

Great Books おすすめの本

Amazon Store: Vehicles 乗り物

Playing with cars, trains, trucks etc. is a great time to practice the color signs!
Color signs are also handy when traveling through Tokyo by train!

Would you like a peek at the "Here I Go" song?  

Baby Signing Time Vol. 2: Here I Go - Preview from Signing Time on Vimeo.