Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Signs 家族のサイン

Family Signs ファミリーのサイン

おすすめ TOLO Dolls
Look these up in the Signing Time Dictionary online or Signing Savvy

Family 家族
Father お父さん
Mother お母さん
Baby 赤ちゃん
Sister お姉さん、妹さん
Brother お兄さん、弟さん
Grandma お祖母さん
Grandpa  お祖父さん
Great Grandma ひい
Great Grandpa ひい
Aunt   伯母さん
Uncle 伯父さん
Cousin いとこ

Songs with family signs:
Mom Has a Mom
~ Baby Signing Time Vol. 1 Mom Has A Mom ~

In a House
~ Signing Time Series 1 Vol. 4 Family, Feelings, Fun ~

家族のサイン練習にぴったりの絵本 Books for Practicing Family Signs

Monday, October 7, 2013

Reading with Your Little One

Reading and books play an important role in the development of our children.  
Here are some ideas to get you started with reading: 

プレママに Before Birth
Even before they are babies can recognize a mother's voice and hear when a book is read aloud to them.  Some studies show that after reading the same book repeatedly before birth it is recognized by a newborn after birth. Look for books which have an interesting rhythm. Dr. Seuss works great!
While it may seem strange to start signing with your baby at this stage it is a good time to learn signs at a relaxed pace and start getting into the habit of signing, particularly when reading a book
Suggested books:  
One Fish, Two Fish
Hop on Pop
Green Eggs and Ham

新生児 Newborn
As newborns wake up to the world they are very interested in many things but are limited by the development of their bodies.  During the first few months black/white patterns are particularly interesting as their vision improves.  They also are great listeners so talk, sing and read to them.  This is a great time to start signing the words you know when you come across them in a book.
Suggested books:
Books to look at - Black & White
Songs that are books - Classic Books With Holes - Wheels on the Bus

赤ちゃん Infants
Around 6 months old a child's vision becomes clear enough to enjoy various pictures.  It is a good time to introduce books with photographs.  To avoid overwhelming the baby choose a book which has just one clear picture on each page. 
As a baby nears 1 year old there is a time of interest in textures.  During this time touchy-feely books can be great fun.  
Babies at this stage also benefit from seeing signing while being read to .  It will help them to learn new signs, their meaning and when to use the signs.
Suggested books:
Baby Signing Time Board Books
Global Babies
Touch and Feel set

乳幼児 Toddlers
As babies begin walking and become toddlers their areas of interest increase greatly.  They become more aware of seasons, day/night, weather etc.  Through books we can introduce and explain many of these ideas.  They also strive for independence so it is good to have books which a toddlers can "read" (look at) alone in a place the toddler can reach. 
Suggested Books
Baby Signing Time Board Books
Down by the Station
Maisy's Wonderful Weather Book

幼稚園生 Preschooler
Reading with a preschooler can be a great way to answer some of their never-ending questions.  At this age they are often interested in a wide variety of books.  Reading together, pointing out the words as you read, can help to develop an understanding on phonics and phonemics which is a key part to learning to read independently.
Suggested books:
Cat in the Hat Learning Library
Chika Chika Boom Boom

読み始まったら Beginner Readers
During this time many children begin to read on their own.  While there are many ways to encourage reading and each child will go at a different pace there are a few key things you can do for any child and with any system:
 - Have easy books available. Children need something to practice with that is at their level.  The "I Can Read" and BOB Books series are popular the US.
 - At this stage a child's comprehension of words usually exceeds his ability to read. Developing good listening skills is also a part of reading. This is a good time to introduce short chapter books read by an adult.
Suggested books
BOB Books
Little House in the Big Woods

一人で読めるようになったら Reading +
Once kids have started reading a bit on their own it is important to continue making time to practice.  Some families have the kids read to mom while she makes supper. Others set aside some family reading time before bedtime.  Make reading a daily activity and keep it interesting by having great books on hand!
Caldecott Medal Books
Newbery Medal Books
Reading Rainbow Books 

For more reading: 
Benefits of reading before birth
Children's vision development: http://www.childrensvision.com/development.htm