Friday, January 11, 2013

Fight the Flu with Signing Time!

Ok, so Signing Time doesn't give out flu shots but it does have a very important tool for parents that can help to prevent catching to flu.

Have you figured it out?

It is the song "I Wash My Hands".

A common suggestion for avoiding the flu is to wash your hands with soap and water for about 30 seconds.  While that sounds simple enough, do you know how long 30 seconds really is?  
Little kids in particular have not yet developed a reliable sense of time.  One handy trick is to have kids sing a song while washing their hands. 
When you sing the first verse and chorus at normal speed it takes about 30 seconds. Another great point is that the lyrics of the song include suggestions of appropriate times to wash hands - a great reminder for kids and parents alike!
 Let Alex, Leah and Hopkins help you and your family to remember how long to wash hands!

The song "I Wash My Hands" is included in both Baby Signing Time Volume 2 - Here I Go and Potty Time.  
The song can be downloaded through the Digital Player , from, US iTunes or listen to it on the Baby Signing Time - Here I Go and Potty Time CDs.

Here are the Lyrics for 

I Wash My Hands

I wash my hands before I eat
I wash my hands to get them clean 
And after touching sticky things I wash my hands

I wash my hands, wash every day 
‘Cause washing keeps the germs away 
And after finger painting play
I wash my hands

Wash, wash
Scrub, Scrub
I use soap and water Wash, Wash
Scrub, Scrub
Do you use soap and water?

Wash, Wash
Scrub, Scrub
I use soap and water Wash, Wash
Scrub, Scrub
Do you use soap and water?

I wash my hands sometimes for fun 
I wash my hands when I’m all done 
And after all my friends have gone 
I wash my hands, I wash my hands, I wash my hands, I wash my hands 
Signing Time ©2005 All rights reserved. Songs by Rachel de Azevedo Coleman and Lex de Azevedo. © 2005 Two Little Hands Productions, LLC P.O. Box 581037 Salt Lake City, UT 84158 • tel: 801.533.0444 • fax: 801.880.5151 •

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