Saturday, May 16, 2015


杉並区西荻窪のハナハウスで 〜 2015春の体験レッスン Trial Lesson at Hana House in Nishi-Ogikubo, Suginami-ku

Registration is open for the Spring 2015 Baby Signing Time Class at Hana House!

"Babies crawl before they walk and they sign before they talk" ~ Rachel Coleman
✨ Learn to communicate with your baby/toddler using American Sign Language vocabulary.  ✨

✨ Learn new songs and activities to enjoy with your child. ✨
✨ Enjoy some of the many benefits of using signs to enhance communication and learning. ✨

✨ Take a class that supports bilingual/multilingual families. ✨

✨ Come and join the fun! ✨

Trial Lessons for Baby Signing Time Class:
Tuesday May 12th at 11:40
Tuesday May 19th at 1:00
Check out the Hana House hompage for more information!

☆ This class is taught bilingually in Japanese and English but you don't need to know both languages to participate! ☆

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